Patients’ information

Below you may find all the necessary information concerning admission to the clinic:

  1. Scheduled Admission
  2. Emergency Admission

1. Scheduled Admission

For a scheduled admission, the patient attends to the clinic’s admissions office.

The documentation necessary for admission is as follows:

  • Written prescription and instructions of the attendant doctor
  • Personal ID
  • Social security handbook
  • Social Security Registry Number (AMKA)
  • Admission voucher from social security fund (if necessary)
  • In case of private insurance patients, policy number is necessary. In such a case , the patient should notify the clinic on type of coverage allowed by the policy before admission.

2. Emergency Admission

In case of emergency admission, the patient after visiting the outpatient department, is referred by the doctor to the admissions office in order for the admission to be completed.

In every case, the patients’ accounting department, is responsible to provide the patient and/or next of kin all relevant information.

Working hours:

Admissions office

Daily 06:30-22.00

Patients’ accounting department

Monday-Friday 08:30-16:30

Saturday 08:30-14:30

Useful telephone numbers:

Call centre: 210-6475 000

Ambulatory services: 210- 6464 610

Fax: 210-6475 005